Finishing off our Lego project

As you remember, we have built Lego structures earlier this year. We’ve started trying to make our instruction booklets but have had a few problems!

Because we’re having problems using Lego Digital Designer on all computers, we’ve got a couple of other options to use…


Step 1 – Build Something!

maxresdefault[1]Build With Chrome





Publish Your DesignPublish-Your-Design-creating-legos[1]






Step 2 – Screen Shots

As you go along, you need to keep screen shots every few steps to help build your booklet. Follow the steps here to help you with this.

Remember to save each screen shot in your pictures folder so you can go back to them later!


Close+up+lego+ring[1]Step 3 – Instruction Booklets

Follow the steps in either Word or Publisher which we’ve written before.

Story Writing by Tamar

Please can you give me feedback on:

  • How clearly I spoke
  • Did I speed too slowly, too quickly, or just right?
  • Did my voice sound interesting to listen to?

What should I improve the next time I read my writing out loud?